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Kid meditating outdoors ; kids meditation in bucks county




"The best way to make children good is to make them happy"  O. Wilde  


about Gnome

The Yoga Gnome is the first kid's yoga studio in Bucks County. It was established to give kids, aka gnomes, a place to ground, breathe, smile, and grow mindfully together. It's a place where everyone is given an opportunity to find their inner light and to be their truest self. Whether you're a kid, or an adult (aka a kid at heart), the yoga gnome is here for you. 

"Children see magic because they look
for it"  C. Moore 


Gnome classes

In The Yoga Gnome, we offer different age group classes to accommodate your gnome in the best way possible. Classes start from babyhood (6 weeks of age) and run all the way to adolescence. Private sessions are also available to book. Not sure which class fits the best? Gnome problem. See the list of our offerings and their descriptions to get a better idea of which class to sign up to. 


summer camps& events

Yoga summer camps are one of a kind, and pretty Gnomazing if you ask us :) Not only that your child will learn yoga in-depth, but they will also gain tools to relax the body and mind,  while enjoying a variety of other fun activities, like art and crafts, journaling, team-building games, and so many other surprises.

Our events are also very unique, whether it's a Glow in the Dark Yoga, Slumber Yoga Party,  Family yoga, and other special events, you don't want to miss the fun. (and calm)  

"If every 8- year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation"  Dalai Lama 



This special offering can be customized to fit your child's likings. Star Wars, Lego, Mermaids, and Knights, We can pretty much do it all. Choose the theme, length, and other fun add ons for an unforgettable birthday filled with movement, breath, laughter and you guessed it- relaxation. For you and your Gnome! 

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